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Fistula surgery

Fistula Free Nepal @ BPKIHS is doing genitourinary fistula surgery regularly. Fistul



About 30% of all the fistula patients in Nepal are socially neglected and abandoned f


Workshop in Fistula

Fistula Free Nepal, BPKIHS has organised the "Workshop on Advanced Obstetric Fistula



About 0.5 million women dies worldwide every year due to complications of pregnancy and child birth. For every woman who dies, 30 others survive, but experience chronic disabilities. The most severe one is obstetric fistula. 1-2 millions women are living with fistula. In Nepal, where maternal mortality rate is among the highest in world. There are estimated to be hundreds of obstetric fistula patient per annum.

Fistula is a hole that is formed between vagina and the bladder (or the rectum) after a woman has suffered from prolonged or obstructed labor. This labor has lasted for days without relief. The consequences are constant leaking of urine, frequent bladder infections and painful genital ulceration. The social consequences are exclusion, divorce, lack of opportunities and violence. Fistula is associated with lower status of women and girls. Poverty lack of education, early marriage and early maternity are other associated factors.

Thus campaign to end fistula highlights issue like reproductive health services, gender equality and women empowerment. Fistula is preventable and treatable. So, we are starting the campaign in this country to treat fistula and providing care to most awaiting women.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, BPKIHS is one of the 100 recognised fistula treatment centres around the world with two recognised fistula surgeons and has reputation of working with leading expert and organisation in the world. We have successfully treated about 250 patients in 2011-16. Presently UNFPA is selectively supporting the program. We are also working for community based fistula screening program with the support of  Fistula Foundation. The work of Department has been applauded and praised by national and international organisation and media.

About Dr Mohan C Regmi

Dr Mohan C Regmi is Urogynecologist of Nepal working as Additional professor at B.P Koirala Institute of Health Science, Dharan, Nepal. He is recognised fistula surgeon and is involved in fistula patient care. He has been trained in India, Bangladesh, South Africa and Germany and has credit of working with leading fistula experts of the world. He is dedicated to open a tertiary level urogynecology centre with fistula ward in BPKIHS. That there are estimated 400-500 obstetric fistula patients per annum in Nepal and felt need to work for those women who are in need of treatment of obstetric fistula. Dr. Regmi has thought to start a campaign with the help of few interested people under the roof of B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal.

He is working for the treatment of fistula patient for last 8 years along with his team. So, far Dr. Regmi has operated about 250 fistula cases and has saved life of many more and his spirit to save thousands more./p>