Our project is running under the roof of BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, situated in the eastern Nepal. Till now, obstetric fistula is neglected problem in the country without much attention paid to it. Considering the magnitude of the problem, there is need of community oriented program to spread the awareness, detection of patients and regular treatment for them. Our main objective focuses on spreading awareness about Obstetric Fistula. Going to the community and identifying the women suffering from Obstetric fistula is a great challenge and arranging treatment through the complex surgical procedures by the specialised doctors is the major challenge which is one of main our objectives There are very few centres in the country that provides surgical care to the fistula patients. BPKIHS has been one of them. The institute is one of the internationally recognised centres for fistula surgery.We also focus on training Nepali Gynaecologist and/or urologist to such procedures. Training the Health Volunteers for identifying patients and strengthening the referral system will be also a part of our objective.