What We Do


We have planned to trained the Nepalese Gynecologist and Urologist , Nurses, Health professional regarding treatment and awareness of Fistula. Presently treatment of Fistula is available in selected centres. By training more people it is expected that treatment will be available in many places.


About 30% of all the fistula patients in Nepal are socially neglected and abandoned from family. Most of them develop fistula after first child birth. After that, they are neglected from spouse and family. So, reintegrating them back in the society is very important aspect of the fistula treatment program. Due to lack of resources, presently there is no such program. We look forward to expand this program for reintegration and rehabilitation of fistula patients back to society.We request all the donor agencies working for Fistula to help us for the rehabilitation project for the fistula patients.


Screening is the ongoing project with the help of BPKIHS. Medical staffs along with the trained community workers screening activities are the key task at community level.


Treatment of fistula involves complex surgical procedures. So far, such surgical procedures are performed regularly in this centre. All together more than 100 patients have been operated in past 3 years. For treatment we have collaboration with expert from abroad. Free surgical treatment is available with the initiative of UNFPA and BPKIHS.


Because of lack of awareness about fistula, many do not regard fistula as a health problem. Priority would be given to raise the awareness level with the help of media, audio-visual aids and with involvement of community based health infrastructure.